Alternative Treatment Therapy’s For Bulimia

The eating disorder of bulimia requires professional medical treatment in order to ensure the best chances of success for recovery; however, many individuals choose to use alternative methods in addition to the traditional ones in order to increase their chances of sustaining a full recovery.Alternative therapies for eating disorders include homeopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and herbal therapy. Many individuals have found these forms of treatments beneficial to them in their recovery; however, it is essential you discuss any of these forms of alternative therapy with your doctor prior to beginning any new form of alternative treatment.Homeopathy and HypnotherapyHomeopathy or homeopathic medicine is based on the principal of “like cures like”. The belief is that a substance which produces the symptoms of a disease or illness in healthy people can be also be used as cure for that disease.Based on prior homeopathic findings, a trained homeopath through a complex process will create a version of the exact substance that caused the same physical and mental symptoms of the eating disorder in a healthy individual. The primary benefit of homeopathic medicine is that there are no side effects. Some individuals claim that homeopathy has been successful in the treatment of their eating disorder.Hypnotherapy is another form of therapy which many individuals use as a form of treatment therapy for bulimia. The majority of individuals who have an eating disorder have emotional problems which contributed to their illness. These problems can include obsessive or compulsive behaviors, phobias, and anxiety. Hypnotherapy has been known to successfully treat these underlying causes in many individuals.Herbal Therapy, Therapeutic Massage and AcupunctureHerbal therapy is the use of natural herbs in many forms and combinations including supplements, teas, topical creams and numerous home remedies. While many of these herbs are safe to use and cause no side effects, extreme caution must be taken with some because when they are used in combination with other medications can have dangerous side effects.It is essential that you learn of any possible drug interactions prior to trying any form of herbal treatment plan. Acupuncture has also been said by some individuals to be successful in the treatment of symptoms for bulimia. It has been said that acupuncture can reduce cravings as well as the physical symptoms of bulimia including bloating and diarrhea from their misuse of laxatives and stomach or esophagus problems due to frequent vomiting.Therapeutic massage is recommended by some as also being an effective additional treatment for bulimia. Studies were done among adolescent women with bulimia and therapeutic massage was found to be successful in improving their anxiety and depression which is common in bulimics. Recent studies have also been done which have found some positive results in the use of yoga which can be helpful both physically and mentally.While these and many other forms of alternative therapy have been said to be successful with some individuals, these should be discussed with your physician prior to using any form of alternative treatment and should never be used as a sole replacement for the conventional methods prescribed by your doctor.